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The Over twenty years ago two therapists, friends, sat together at a kitchen table. They sat and talked about the fears and anxieties they shared as mothers of children with disabilities. They knew that their children were and would be loved and supported by family members. Still, they wondered at the difficulties that come with school, socialization, and adulthood.  

Would they be ready for school? Would they make friends? Could they thrive in social systems that often exclude people who are different-abled? In the course of their discussion they confronted what is, perhaps, the most important question to a parent of a child with a disability:  

What will happen to my child after I’m gone? The two friends determined that the underlying theme for all of their questions was one of independence.  

As mothers and therapists both, they knew that what they wanted most was for their daughters to gain independence. This would mean for them not only survival, but happiness too. With that in mind, one of the women, who had been doodling on a napkin this whole time, drew a sun spiraling outward from a single spot in the center with rays extended in each direction. This became the symbol for the two women's’ dream, Positive Outcomes for their kids.  

Since that day in 1997, Positive Outcomes, Inc. (POI) has provided a range of outpatient and home-based therapy services to  individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and the chronically ill in our community. From its humble beginnings in the back office of a ballet studio to its current location on California St, POI has grown and adapted to fit the changing needs of families throughout Socorro and neighboring counties. 

POI continues to seek new opportunities to improve the quality of life in our community. In 2006 POI opened the Alberta House, a daycare center and hub of the Alberta House Early Intervention program. Just last year POI opened a state of the art wellness facility that now houses outpatient therapy services, offering 24-hour gym memberships, fitness mentoring and classes.